Hello, World!

​Welcome to my new blog & thank you for reading! I really hope you’ll enjoy finding out more about the background to my novels.

I love writing blogs but the most important reason for starting Historical Facts & Fiction is that there’s tons of research lying dormant in the recesses of my computer or in actual yellow envelopes that’s too precious not to share with the world. Most HF readers are fervent researchers themselves; half the fun of reading a good HF novel is popping onto the net to research the stuff you’ve just read. I know I can’t stop myself, and love to learn a thing or two in the process.

If this is you too, then welcome aboard.

Have you ever wondered where HF authors get their ideas for a new book or series, or how they do their research? No two HF authors are alike – of course – but we all do rely heavily on today’s search engines. No work gets done without it. However, as you’ll read in my next blog, my reason to start writing about WW1 was a family photo I found by chance. Curiosity is a good start.

It wasn’t only the photo that spurred me to write The Resistance Girl Series. It may sound terrible to say (and I won’t do so aloud) but I love the world wars. For me as a fiction writer they provide the greatest canvas on which to splash my stories, in an endless variety; this was the period – par excellence – in which ordinary people performed extraordinary deeds. And we all love us a decent hero(ine)!

I’m never tired of learning more about the first half of the 20th century and how it’s shaped our current society. So, let me infect you with some of that passion. 😊

On to the research now…