I’m so excited now we’re heading fast towards 10 December when my second book in The Resistance Girl Series comes out. Time for The Diamond Courier. It’s on preorder now!

The Diamond Courier was the book I initially started to write as my come-back book after the 2020 rebrand. For my first historical fiction series I wanted to concentrate on World War II as I – slightly tongue-in-cheek – always claim to be an indirect result of D-Day myself. Which is true. My uncle Tom Naylor, at the time engaged to my Mom’s eldest sister Beryl, landed of the beaches of Normandy in June 1944 and fought his way through France and Belgium for the liberation of the south of Holland.

There he befriended a local doctor, Dr Volmer, with whom he stayed in touch after the war. My Mom meanwhile, being bored during her long summer holidays from Manchester University in 1949, decided to take her bike across the Channel at Dover and peddle up from Ostend to meet this doctor. Ah well, the good man was very busy and had no time to give her a tour of the sights and very few locals spoke English at the time, so they rounded up the only intellectual available in the wide vicinity of this rural area. And that man eventually ended up being my father.

Back to ‘The Diamond Courier’, the sequel to the WW1 novel ‘In Picardy’s Fields’. This is the first of a 3-book series about strong women fighting the Nazis on their own terms. In this book we meet Lili Hamilton, the daughter of feisty Countess Madeleine de Dragoncourt and level-headed Major Gerald Hamilton from In Picardy’s Fields.

Now Lili is quite a character herself and this is what early readers say about her:

“I have just this second read the last sentence of The Diamond Courier. I am speechless. And very tired. I spent most of the night reading until the words started to blur around 3:00 am. You were right in saying I would love Lili even more than her mother. I did get angry with her for not realizing Leo was a total cad but love does that to you.”     


“The prequel was wonderful, truly it set this one up beautifully but The Diamond Courier went well above In Picardy’s Field. It was magnificent; it left me amazed and satisfied with the ending, but it also left me wanting more of your beautiful stories.”

Curious now yourself? Well go grab your preorder through one of these links and you can start reading on 10 December


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