The Parisian Spy

France, 1940

On the brink of war, the American French Océane Bell enrols at Sorbonne Medical School for her final year and starts working in a Paris hospital.

The artist Jean-Jacques Riveau is the enfant terrible of Urban Realism in France but forsakes his paint brushes to join the French Resistance movement when the Nazis conquer Paris.

Cupid’s arrow is straight in the hearts of the two lovebirds but Océane refuses to get involved in Jean-Jacques’ resistance activities. When her boyfriend is arrested by the Gestapo, Océane’s convictions are heavily tested. The opportunity arises to become the personal physician to Dieter Von Stein, the intellectual, self-contained head of the Paris Gestapo. She takes the job with an eye to finding out her lover’s whereabouts hoping to rescue him.

Dieter Von Stein has other plans though, both with Jean-Jacques and with Océane. He is transferred to a position in Northern Africa and Océane has no choice but to follow him. In the Egyptian desert a personal tug of war enfolds between the two smart, tenacious people. Only one can win.

The Parisian Spy is the story of a reluctant spy-in-love whose medical precision and objective eye turn her into one of the most sought-after spies of the French Resistance.