The Norwegian Assassin

Norway, 1940

Esther Weiss has but one dream: to finish her upper-class education in Switzerland and marry her dashing fiancé Carl Bernstein. Coming from a Jewish family of Viennese goldsmiths, Esther looks anything but Jewish with her blond hair and light eyes. The Weiss family flees Austria after Hitler’s annexation in March 1938 and settles in Oslo. Carl is forced to stay in Vienna and the marriage is postponed.

The Weiss family’s safety is short-lived when in April 1940 Hitler invades Norway and the fascist Quisling Regime is put into place. While Esther is out collecting potatoes in a field, a razzia is held and on her return home, her entire family is deported.

Something snaps in Esther and the soft-hearted, gentle girl joins the Norwegian resistance movement. Her looks and a false passport give her all the freedom she needs. And Esther becomes hard as nails. No German or Norwegian fascist is safe when she is around; she sinks submarines, lynches, and liquidates whatever enemy comes on her path; only destruction gives her some peace of mind. Until the war is over and the hatred subsides. What has she left?

The Norwegian Assassin is a young woman’s desperate journey into the underworld when all she loves is destroyed. Can hate be stronger than love?