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The Diamond Courier

England, 1940

A young rebel on a quest for independence finds herself squashed between Communist love, Jewish diamonds, and German greed.

Lili Hamilton cannot marry Iain Brodie, her best friend and her Tory father’s right hand at Betteshanger Colliery. Given the distance she sees between her parents, she will not, at nineteen, settle for domestic life. But her aspirations as a political journalist are thwarted when she is sent off to a finishing school in Switzerland in 1939.

On her way, she meets Leo Oppenheim in Paris. Not only is Leo the leader of the British Communist Party but also the prodigal son of London’s richest diamond merchant.

In a time of historical change, as World War II erupts, and after a mine strike causes a rift between her and her family, and Iain, Lili moves to London, pursuing her Communist ideals and free love. But Leo needs money and has his eye on the largest diamond center in Europe: Antwerp.

Nazi Germany, too, is in dire need of Antwerp’s diamonds for its war machine.

On Leo’s command, Lili infiltrates the Jewish community in Belgium and befriends both the Goldmunz family and the Nazi leader. Despite the horrors of war, despite witnessing the murder of a comrade, she becomes the diamond courier between Antwerp and London via Vichy France.

Until she is caught in 1943 …

The Diamond Courier is a young woman’s fight to liberate herself from her privileged upbringing, for which she pays the highest price. Will she ultimately choose politics over love?

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