Coming Fall 2020

The Diamond Courier

England, 1940

At nineteen Lili Hamilton does not want to marry John Brodie, her father’s right hand at Betteshanger Colliery and settle for a domestic life. But her radical, political aspirations are thwarted when she is sent to a finishing school in Switzerland.

Providence helps her meet Leopold Oppenheim, the leader of the British communist party and prodigal son of Chaim Oppenheim, London’s richest diamond merchant. Lili’s time at Le Manoir even becomes bearable knowing Leopold will take her under his wing.

War breaks out and Lili ends up in London, finally indulging in free love and communism. But Leopold needs money, for his personal needs and for the communist party and has his eye on the largest diamond centre in Europe: Antwerp. However, Germany, too, is in dire need of Antwerp’s diamonds for its war industry.

Lili infiltrates in Antwerp’s Jewish community and befriends both the Goldmunz family and the German military commander Ulrich Lemberg. She becomes the diamond courier between Antwerp and London via Vichy France.

Until she is caught in 1943 …

The Diamond Courier is a young woman’s buoyant search for liberation from her privileged upbringing, for which she must ultimately pay a very high price.